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مستند ویدئویی تاریخچه و ماجراهای جذاب زبان انگلیسی The Adventure of English

خرید پستی مستند ویدئویی ماجرای زبان انگلیسی The Adventure of English

مستند ویدئویی تاریخچه و ماجراهای جذاب زبان انگلیسی The Adventure of English را در این قسمت از مرکز دانلود منابع زبان های خارجی کاردوآنلاین به شما تقدیم می کنیم.

مستند ویدئویی تاریخچه و ماجراهای جذاب زبان انگلیسی The Adventure of English

مستند ویدئویی ماجرای زبان انگلیسی The Adventure of English به داستان زبان انگلیسی در طول تاریخ می پردازد. این مجموعه زبان انگلیسی را به عنوان یک ماهیت زنده بررسی می کند. تاریخچه ی زبان انگلیسی از سال های ۵۰۰ قبل از میلاد تا به امروز بررسی می شود. هشت قسمت مهم که در این مجموعه بررسی می شوند را در قسمت توضیحات انگلیسی در پایین قرار داده ایم.

The Adventure of English

The Adventure of English is a British television series (ITV) on the history of the English language presented by Melvyn Bragg as well as a companion book, also written by Bragg.

The series and the book are cast as an adventure story, or the biography of English as if it were a living being, covering the history of the language from its modest beginnings around 500 AD as a minor Germanic dialect to its rise as a truly established global language.

In the television series, Bragg explains the origins and spelling of many words based on the times in which they were introduced into the growing language that would eventually become modern English.

۱. Birth of a Language. The modern Frisian language is the closest sounding language to the English used approximately 2000 years ago, when the people from what is now the north of the Netherlands travelled to what would be the United Kingdom and pushed the Celts to the western side of the island. Words like “blue” can be recognized in the Frisian language.

۲. English Goes Underground. Bragg discusses how class also affected the use of English, especially in the time of William the Conquerer and for approximately 300 years after his reign; during this period, only the French language and Latin were used in state affairs and by the aristocracy, while English remained in use with the lower peasant classes.

۳. The Battle for the Language of the Bible. In the early to mid 1300s, English fought to be the language of the Christian Bible through the efforts of theologian John Wycliffe, who opposed the church’s use of a Latin scripture because it prevented most of the population from reading the bible for themselves.

۴. This Earth, This Realm, This England. In Queen Elizabeth I’s time, English began to expand to even greater depths. Overseas trade brought new words from France, as well as the now popular swearwords “fokkinge,” (f–king) “krappe,” (crap) and “bugger” from Dutch, in the 16th century.

۵. English in America. Upon landing in North America, settlers encountered Squanto, a native man who had been captured and brought to England to learn English and become a guide. After escaping, Squanto returned to his tribe, which happened to live near the place that the English settlers had created their small village.

۶. Speaking Proper. The Age of Reason began, and English scholars of mathematics and science like Isaac Newton started publishing their books in English instead of Latin. Jonathan Swift would attempt to save the English language from perpetual change, followed by Samuel Johnson who would write the A Dictionary of the English Language, made up of 43000 words and definitions, written in seven years and published in 1755.

۷. The Language of Empire. British trade and colonization spread the English language. In India, scholar William Jones finds some English words already present in Sanskrit. Convicts land in Australia, blending London criminal slang and Aboriginal words into a new dialect. Jamaicans reclaim patois.

۸. Many Tongues Called English, One World Language. The globalisation of the English language in the 20th century owes most to the United States. Here we look at the predominance of American Black street talk, how the Second World War and American movies threatened to “infect” the mother tongue in Britain and how some nations are attempting to stamp in the invasion of English out – for example franglais in France and Singlish in Singapore.


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